About Me

Born in Peru of a Peruvian father and an American mother, I have always been interested in planet Earth and its natural and cultural features. Since childhood, I have traveled, learned foreign languages, studied drawing, painting, art history, and the humanities. I'm an archaeology buff, a literary scholar, and an arts activist.  I am a serious student of trees, forests, and wildlife as well as global climate changes as these affect our oceans, waterways and weather.  My painting series over the years have reflected all of these interests. 

How to Acquire Artwork

 Unless they are labeled as sold, you can acquire my paintings by contacting me directly by email at rvarana@archeform.com or by texting or calling (240) 328-8937. 

Visits to my studio and gallery in Potomac, Maryland—where many more paintings than are shown here are either on the walls or stored—can also be arranged. I welcome visits by appointment and all feedback. Phone, text, or email to talk.  

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